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Gematria (Occult Numerology)

Factor Thought Emotion Action Result Explanation
Value 4 2 1    
  7T 7E 7A 4+2+1 = 7 Number of perfection where the person includes feelings from their heart whilst in thought before taking action. If the feelings from the heart are good then the outcome will benefit the person.
  6T 6E 6A 4+2+0 = 6 Man in Base/Beast Consciousness. Thinks and shows emotion yet fails to act on thoughts hence falls short of perfection.
  5T 5E 5A 4+0+1 = 5 Thinks and acts on thoughts alone without showing emotion towards outcome of action.
  4T 4E 4A 4+0+0 = 4 In a state of deep thought.
  3T 3E 3A 0+2+1 = 3 Persons acts on emotion alone without deciding whether the action is right or wrong.
  2T 2E 2A 0+2+0 = 2 Emotional feelings.
  1T 1E 1A 0+0+1 = 1 Person takes action
  0T 0E 0A 0+0+0 = 0 Dead, null, void or lifeless.

Mind, Body and Spirit

  Every person is divided equally into 3 parts which consists of the mind, spirit and body.
  If a person sees numeroligical codes everyday, then the codes will be structured in a fashion that will relate to how they order mind, body and spirit.
  A code of 531 is good because the person is taking action on their thoughts (4+1) whilst listening to what their spirit says (2+1).


Code Mind Spirit Body Explanation
007 0 0 7 Person is acting out their thoughts, emotions and actions with their body. Example: awake at 7 minutes past midnight or 0:07.
111 1 1 1 Person is actively emotionally thinking, hence their spirit is awakening. Commonly known as the 11:11 Wake-Up Call.
188 1 8 8 This code shows that the persons mind is active (1). The 8's for emotion and body state that the person's spirit will be changing for the better with new movements acted out by their body.
Example of 'new body movements' could include reading a new spiritual book.
222 2 2 2 Person is thinking emotional thoughts that originate from their heart. Yet they only show an emotion to taking action as the final digit is a 2.
246 2 4 6 Person is thinking emotional thoughts that originate from their heart. They are not taking action on these thoughts.
247 2 4 7 Here emotion is playing a major part in the persons life. They are thinking emotional thoughts that originate from their heart. Their spirit is in a state of thought. Finally they take action on these emotional thoughts.
271 2 7 1 Person is devoting deep thought to their spirit where the action committed by their body is based upon feelings from their spirit. Their mind is currently emotionally biased (2).
333 3 3 3 With thought, emotion and action being emotionally biased, if the action is good then everyone involved will benefit from the persons love.
400 4 0 0 In a state of deep thought undecided on including feelings from the heart or taking action. Example: Clock shows 4:00 PM.
422 4 2 2 Here the person is thinking with no emotions included in their thoughts, their heart is active but not taking any action and the body is emotionally linked to the state of the heart.
444 4 4 4 In a state of thought, deciding whether or not to include feelings from their heart and unsure of taking action, no matter what their thought concludes.
466 4 6 6 The mind is in a state of thought, the spirit is manifesting emotional thoughts and the body is not taking action on thoughts and emotions.
535 5 3 5 Taking action with the body on both thoughts and emotion. The bodies actions are devoted purely to rational thought (4+1) and they are taking action on feelings from their heart (2+1).
555 5 5 5 Taking action on their thoughts. Their decision includes thoughts on how they feel. Finally they will put a lot of thought into their actions.
666 6 6 6 Thinking very strongly with emotion, yet unable to put the strong emotional thoughts into action.
667 6 6 7 If a person receives an order, thinks about it, knows its bad and does not nip the task in the bud then a lot of suffering will occur when the action (7) is executed.
As both mind and spirit are in 6's the person is stopped from deciding on whether their body carries out the order or not.
731 7 3 1 The mind is acting on emotional thought (1+2+4). The spirit is acting on emotions (1+2) and the body is carrying out actions.
777 7 7 7 Represent the celestial perfection, 7, on the 3 plans of the manifestation: matter, astral (mental or soul) and spirit.

The Christ said: "I am the resurrection". In Greek, resurrection is written "h anastasiV", numbering 777 = 8+1+50+1+200+300+1+200+10+6.
778 7 7 8 Both mind and spirit are in a state of harmony. The 8 for body shows that the person is getting ready to give their love to those around them.
779 7 7 9 Both mind and spirit are in a state of harmony. The 9 states that the person is giving their love to others.
844 8 4 4 Both spirit and body are in a state of pure thought. The mind will soon change the way it thinks when the spirit and body reach a conclusion.
888 8 8 8 Event is yet to occur.
939 9 3 9 In terms of the spirit (3), it has already put its emotional feelings into action (2+1). Both the mind and body behaviour are changing at this moment in time.
999 9 9 9 Event is happening at that moment in time.
000 0 0 0 Void