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Sacred Geometry
Fibonacci Cycle

Numerology codes in shape form

Not only can codes be given to you in numerical form, but they can also be seen as shapes.

The standard 33-6 code could occur in a dream where a witch working at a shop named 'ALAN' hands you a 6-sided Allen Key. The A's in the name 'ALAN' are both equilateral triangles.

So the same 33-6 code can been viewed in shape form via triangle, triangle, hexagon.

With the masculine (left - red) and feminine (right - blue) parts of the brain merging together to create the Star of David, its understandable where the hexagon emerges from seeing that the hexagon is at the centre of the Star of David.

Male Female Yellow Hexagon

The standard 146 code can all be contained within 1 single cube as displayed in the picture below. Initially the 1 originates from a vertice or node. 4 vertices at 90 degrees to one another form a square.

Finally 6 of these squares can be joined to create a cube. Note that the outline of a cube is a hexagon.

Angel Number 146, asks 'What do you desire right now?'. Visualize it and it will manifest and come to fruition. Stay positive, as negativity blocks your progress.

146 in cube form

Numerology codes in Mathematical Series

Sometimes non numerical numbers can be seen in the form of mathematical series like 2, 6, 26, 126, 626.

The formuli contained within the mathematical series shown above is also a basic ascension where x = 1 + 5n. Here the ascending number is n. n starts at 0 and increments in 1's.

n = 0: x = 1 + 50 >> x = 1 + 1 = 2
n = 1: x = 1 + 51 >> x = 1 + 5 = 6
n = 2: x = 1 + 52 >> x = 1 + 25 = 26
n = 3: x = 1 + 53 >> x = 1 + 125 = 126
n = 4: x = 1 + 54 >> x = 1 + 625 = 626

So not only can the numerical sequence include an ascension but it can also contain 2 major digits. In the example shown above the main numbers are 2's and 6's.

Double codes in clock times

One common Wake-Up Time is 11:23 PM. This numerological code contains a mathematical series for the Fibonacci Cycle and 23 if viewed in terms of 24hrs.

The mathematical series is xn = x(n - 1) + x(n - 2). As this naturally increments then it would be classed as an ascension code.

A 24hr clock would show a double '23' as 23:23.

Numerology codes in Real Dates

555 days after September 11 2001, the country of Iraq was invaded. 555 has no emotion attached to it where the mind, spirit and body are all in a state of thought (4) and action (1).

No feelings were given to the people of Iraq when the leaders of the Western nations started to bomb the innocent people living there.

555 is often linked to change. Iraq was on the receiving end of that change which transformed the normal country into a hell on earth.

5555 days after September 11 2001, will be November 26 2016. So if the people that orchestrated the Iraq war are still in power on that day, then the entire world will endure the same Shock And Awe, that struck Iraq.

The fourth '5' could either be a larger version of 555 or the 4th '5' could be another dimension. In other words, the entire world will be invaded by demons from hell, similar to Iraq being invaded by a foreign army.