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Stone Monolith Circles in the Real World

Merry Maidens, Cornwall, UK

Location: Merry Maidens, St Buryan, Cornwall, UK.

Some monolithic circles that exist in this world today can be occupied by dark entities.

Whether or not the entities are ordered to destroy all forms of life within the circle's perimeter or their mere presence destroys life does not matter.
What matters is the end result of their presence and that is death.

Notice in the picture shown above how the grass outside the circle's perimeter is green and the grass inside the circle is mostly dead.

Stone Monolith Circles in the Spiritual World

Merry Maidens, Cornwall, UK

Merry Maidens, Tartarus.

In the angel prison of Tartarus, the land is lit by ley-lines.

The colours are as follows:

Blue: these lines are straight and encompass the entire world.

Yellow: all ley-line nodes are vertical yellow lines that join both blue line and all red lines together.

Red: at ground level the ley-lines are red. Their jagged paths are in relation to mineral veins.

Aerial View of Merry Maidens.

Merry Maidens, Cornwall, UK

View of Merry Maidens using Google Earth.
Located at 50.06511977° North, 5.58872312° West.

Over many centuries even the natural paths, created by people have constructed a 'broken (Christian / Celtic) cross' that spans the entire field.