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Names of Angels, Demons and other negative entities

Classification systems are based on the nature of the demon, the sin with which they tempt people, the month in which their power was strongest, the saints that were their adversaries, or other characteristics.

An example of this would be one of the main leaders of the fallen Watchers who goes by the name - Samyaza. Over the centuries there have been many variations of the name ranging from the initial Shaym-ee-ya-haz-ah to either of the following: Semihazah, Shemyazaz, Shemyaza, Semyaza or Shemhazai.

In Hebrew: shem + ya'ah + aza means the "Name of power".

This means that many, if not all fallen angels and demons use an alias and not their true name. Only Yahushua and themselves know their true names.

So if you are tempted with talking to spirits and believe that it has given you its true name, think again. It is probably playing with you. Quite often their alias will be constructed from latin or hebrew words relating to sinful acts.